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Fernando López Pan Universidad de Navarra (lopezpan@unav.es)
Title Commitment to Interdisciplinary in Journalism Studies in Luis Núñez Ladevéze’s Thought Summary Journalism Studies as a field of research is still awaiting a clear delineation of their academic status, which, among other things, must respond to their nature, objectives, methodology and scope. In this discussion and in the case of Spain, we find rather scarce metadisciplinary contributions almost 45 years after the entrance of the Journalism into the University, although there has been numerous production of textbooks, and a very abundant and growing research, A relevant metadisciplinary contribution is that of Núñez-Ladevéze, whose research demonstrates and exemplifies the importance of an interdisciplinary approach, This note synthesizes how he understands the discipline, a stage of a larger project on the general history of the discipline, which requires a necessary in deep analysis of his work. Keywords Journalism Studies; Núñez Ladevéze; Interdisciplinarity; Metadisciplinarity.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n21a8


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