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Raquel Vinader Segura Grupo FONTA – Universidad Complutense de Madrid Natalia Abuín Vences Grupo FONTA – Universidad Complutense de Madrid Alberto García García. Grupo FONTA Grupo FONTA – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Title University Degree vs. Occupational Traning: ¿a better job placement? Summary The Spanish university system is currently facing the implementation of European Higher Education Area (EHEA)which main objective is to harmonize this level of education in EU and, at the same time, to integrate the practical training in the study programmes in order to train the student for the professional practice. This paper presents the analysis of the academic offer in the Communication area in the higher education: universities' degrees and occupational training plans; as well as a comparative study of the job placement for graduates from both type of education. The main goal is to determinate if specialization and practical training has a positive correlation for a better labour integration. Keywords University degrees; Occupational Training; Job Placement; Communication Studies


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n15a9


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