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DOI: 10.31921/doxacom
Issue number: 12, January-June 2011


Lizardo Vargas Bianchi Universidad de Piura
Title The development of brand familiarity concept and its current understanding as a moderating variable Summary The paper presents a literature review of brand familiarity concept, from its early mentions during the seventies, the technical definition given to it within marketing communications and consumer studies, and its current understanding and usage. The review runs from 1970 to 2010, covering mayor scholarly publications. It is observed that in the last decades familiarity has been researched from an information processing stand point, with a particular focus on its moderating effect in individuals' cognitive and perceptual efforts. Keywords Brand familiarity, information processing, consumer behaviour


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n12a7


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