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Issue number: 12, January-June 2011


Fernando Martín Martín Universidad San Pablo- CEU
Title How to investigate and prepare a Thesis Work or Degree Final Project on the Communication Audit of an organization within the framework of the Spanish University Summary This scientific paper tries to explain how to research and develop a necessary Thesis Work or Degree Final Project to graduate or graduating from an officially approved University in Spain, and adapted to current Curriculum of the European Higher Education Area, on a matter as important today as is the Communication Audit almost essential in an organization, company or institution whether public or private, chapter by chapter analysis: purpose and rationale, objectives and hypotheses, research methodology, corpus or body of research, conclusions, sources consulted in its development and Supporting annexes. Keywords Thesis Work, Degree Final Project, Communication Audit, Communication in organizations


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n12a8


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