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Issue number: 13, January-June 2012


Juan Cantavella Blasco Universidad CEU San Pablo
Title Journalistic Column Wrote in Verse: Memory and Presence of Poets and Versifiers Summary Sometimes inside the uniform composition of journalistic columns emerge singular styles with its writers and followers. That’s the case of column wrote in verse from XIX Century (Eduardo Marquina, José del Río Sáinz,Salvador M. Granés, Manuel del Palacio…) and the next one (Luis de Tapia, Raimundo de los Reyes, Félix Antonio González, Jaime Campmany, Alfonso Ussía…). This paper will examine the history of this opiner text and the peculiarities made by the mentioned authors (Satire, Humour and Amenity). Keywords Journalistic Column, Poetry, Satire, Humour, Jaime Campmany, Alfonso Ussía.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n13a3


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