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Issue number: 4, January-June 2006


Ignacio Blanco Alfonso Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid.
Title Journalism in José Ortega y Gasset's works (in the 50th anniversary of his death) Summary Jose Ortega y Gasset was at the same time a philosopher, an intellectual, a writer, a journalist, a professor, a politician... The fiftieth anniversary of his death is a good occasion to discover those aspects of his biography less studied because of a greater interest in his philosophy than in his biography or the nonphylosophycal genres he cultivated. The present article tries to relate his journalism and biography, and analyze them in connection with Ortega’s philosophical work. The conclusion evidences in the circumstances of his life, journalism determined much of the form and the substance of his philosophy. Keywords Journalistic vocation, engaged journalism, disengaged journalism, editorial projects.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n4a1


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