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Sonsoles Alonso Alcaide Universidad Complutense de Madrid Felicísimo Valbuena de la Fuente Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Title Communicative Games in Gran Hermano (7th Edition, 2005-2006). Study from Transactional Analysis Summary Transactional Analysis (AT) is a potent frame of ideas to analyze literary and film works and programs and television series. The investigators have chosen the program Big Brother, in its Seventh Edition, and they have examined their structure and identified the games of each one of people that have participated in the same one. The fundamental hypothesis of this investigation is that millions of viewers watch this program because they identify themselves with the biological, psychological, sociological and existential advantages of each one of the communication games those who lives in the house of the GH play. Keywords GH, Plays, biological, psychological, sociological and existential advantages, Rol players


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n5a4


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