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Issue number: 9, July-December 2009


Elba Díaz Cerveró Universidad San Pablo- CEU
Title The Coverage of the Terrorism of ETA in the French Newspaper Le Monde Summary This article is the result of a wide content analysis that tries to show how the French newspaper Le Monde has represented or covered the terrorism of ETA. In order to get it, all its mortal terrorist attacks have been dealt, from the first one, in June 1968, to the last one, in December 2008. The study starts from the hypothesis that considers the lack of interest of the French press to the terrorism of ETA, remaining this phenomenon has determined in a lot of occasions the politic and diplomatic relationships between France and Spain. Keywords Content Analysis, Terrorism, Terrorist Group, ETA, French Press, Le Monde, Mortal Terrorist Attacks, France,


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n9a8


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