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Issue number: 9, July-December 2009


Nuria Villagra García Universidad Complutense de Madrid Sonia Carcelén García Universidad Complutense de Madrid Belén López Vázquez ESIC, adscrito a Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Ana Sebastián Morillas Universidad de Valladolid
Title Media and Advertising Consumption on the Part of the Latin American People in the Community of Madrid Summary The increase of the foreign population in Spain in the last several years has contributed to the emergence of specific media for this group. This article focuses on studying the immigrant Latin American peoples´ media consumption as well as their perception of advertising in different media. The methodological approach used is markedly qualitative based on in-depth interviews with different professionals and focus-groups. Since Latin American immigrants consume both general and specific media, correct planning is needed to connect effectively with this target. Keywords Latin-American Immigrants, Media Consumption, Advertising.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n9a4


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