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Issue number: 28, January-June 2019


Fernando Suárez-Carballo Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, España
Title The visual language of brutalist web design Summary Many authors agree on the current relevance of brutalist web design, a trend inspired by the popular architectural style which, in turn, is distinguished by the rawness of its materials, the geometric shapes or the absence of decoration. This study uses Content Analysis to discover whether it is possible to interpret web-brutalism as a movement with distinctive features and, if this is found to be the case, to make a description of the term based on visual communication techniques as the main variable. After evaluating 50 websites from the catalogue of Brutalist Websites, the study concludes that the most recent meaning refers to a highly heterogeneous movement whose works, based mainly on visual tension, only share the attributes of provocation and creative freedom, which brings it closer to other contemporary trends in postmodern graphic design, such as New Ugly. Keywords Brutalism, graphic design, web design, New Ugly, aesthetics, postmodernism.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n28a06


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