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DOI: 10.31921/doxacom
Issue number: 27, July-December 2018


Idoia Salazar Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, España
Title Robots and Artificial Intelligence: New Challenges of journalism Summary This study analyses the remarkable social impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in all areas, focusing on journalism. Different current initiatives of development and implantation of these new technologies in media of communication are collected and details advantages and disadvantages of the same from a professional and ethical point of view. Likewise, several studies have been taken into account, at an international level, on the subject treated and experts in the field have been consulted on the real viability of these technologies in the area in question. The result allows us to glimpse a new way of doing journalism, based on direct human-machine collaboration, in which the journalist must redefine himself to adjust to the new situation. Keywords Artificial Intelligence, robots, journalism, Technology, ethics.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n27a15


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