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Alejandro Tapia Frade Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes Begoña Gómez Nieto Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes
Title Corporate Communication in Web Sites: the Case of Spanish Universities Summary Corporate communication is a paramount strategic asset for any organization. Also for the universities, which are in a European convergence process that requires communication efforts targeting the generation of a corporate speech to suit the new competitor enviroment. Therefore, this paper analyzes corporate communications in Spanish universities through their Web portals. This was done using the technique of content analysis. The results highlight the inadequate management of corporate communication on the Internet. Although the presence of a specific section in the pages analyzed the majority, content management cannot be regarded as good, since it does not contain all information that should, and even more, is not utilized properly support flexibility for generating multimedia corporate speech. Keywords Corporate Communication, Internet, Visibility, Web Portal, Transparency, University


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n13a5


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