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Manuel Viñas Limonchi Universidad San Jorge
Title Transmedia and fashion: realism and virtuality in Chanel and Gaultier Summary The evolution of the fashion industry in the area of creativity depends mainly on the stylistic contribution made by the fashion designer responsible for the conception and manufacture of the final product, as well as of its dramatized show and/or media exhibition. This same product finds suitable mechanisms for its artistic and influential expansion in the technological area of communication. This article addresses a review of resources, mainly of an iconographic nature, that will indeed favour the placement of this creative aspect within the domain of the transmedia narrative. This is an analysis validated at the advertising level through the art direction of two fashion designers, Lagerfeld and Gaultier, who suggest in their proposals a migration of content to different media as a complement to the natural performance that unfolds on the fashion catwalk. Keywords Transmedia, fashion, design, advertising, creativity.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n25a4


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