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Issue number: 10, January-June 2010


María del Mar Rodríguez Rosell Universidad Católica San Antonio Irene Melgarejo Moreno Universidad Católica San Antonio
Title Children’s Cinema: An Approach to a Definition Summary The existence of several theories regarding children’s movies, along with the diversity of parameters around films focused on children and the lack of consensus among authors about film genres –we mean experts as Sánchez Noriega (2002), Huerta Floriano (2005) and Martínez Barnuevo (2008), among others– a new dimension of cinema for this specific public is revised in this article. New theories, ideas, features and different elements can be showed through a purely qualitative methodology of analysis to outline the most specific definition of what we can define as “Children’s Cinema” today. Keywords Children’s Cinema, Childhood, Film Intelligence, Genres, Literature.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n10a8


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