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Issue number: 23, July-December 2016


Laura Tejedor Fuentes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ltejedor@ucm.es) Vanessa Paget Colegio de Europa, Polonia (vanessa.paget@coleurope.eu)
Title The Belgian initiative G1000. A feasible model of deliberative cyber democracy Summary In 2010, after five hundred days without any stable form of government, a group of Belgian citizens from a wide range of social backgrounds launched a citizenship summit called 'G1000'. The aim of the event was to create citizen involvement in politics by stimulating participants to take part in debates about social issues and by applying innovative techniques of deliberative democracy. In order to verify whether the model mentioned meets the criteria of an “online democratic-deliberative” experiment, this article carried out a quantitative analysis of the G1000 based on the work of Fishkin, Chadwick and Habermas. According to the majority of authors who have contributed to the topic, including the spokesperson and organizer of the event, Vincent Jacquet the results demonstrate that the G1000 summit is, in fact, a genuine democratic-deliberative initiative. Keywords Cyber democracy, deliberative democracy, participatory democracy, transparency, participation.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n23a4


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