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DOI: 10.31921/doxacom
Issue number: 10, January-June 2010


José Luis González Universidad Miguel Hernández Sergio Martínez Mahugo Universidad Miguel Hernández
Title Models of Civic Media Against Crisis, Cases of Bottup and Triangle Summary Despite the novel concept of citizen journalism, several alternatives have already been proposed to make profitable this kind of journalism and the increasing interest of the audiences in taking part in the processes of public communication. The following paper analizes two different approaches for participatory mass media: Triangle (USA) and Bottup (Spain). After a deep analysis of both media, we can conclude that they consider citizen journalism to be the formula to get out of the journalistic sectorial crisis, by emphasizing and prioritizing citizens contributions in the communicational processes. Keywords Citizen Journalism, Participation, Ciberjournalism, Proximity, NGO, Bottup, Triangle.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n10a7


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