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Leopoldo Abad Alcalá Universidad CEU San Pablo (abad.fhm@ceu.es) Ignacio Calvo García Doctorando de la Universidad CEU San Pablo (ignaciocalvogarcía@gmail.com)
Title Information imbalances in the Spanish sports press on Internet. Analysis of Marca, As, Mundo Deportivo y Sport Summary This article presents the results of a quantitative empirical study on sports treated in the main information for the most significant Spanish sports daily in its online edition. This thesis presents and discusses that online sports newspapers give preference to information about football and minimize the information on other sports, and they especially publish contents about the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. We analyzed top 30 news for 61 days non-consecutive of online editions of sports dailies (Marca, As, Mundo Deportivo and Sport). We examined 1,830 contents each day, amounting to total 7,320 news studied. In this sense, the conclusions confirm our thesis that show how 92% of total sports information is about football, and news about Real Madrid and Barcelona add a 65.25% of all sports information. Keywords Sports newspapers; information; quantitative analysis; football; sport.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n21a6


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