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Eva Lavín de las Heras Universidad Camilo José Cela Max Römer Pieretti Universidad Camilo José Cela
Title Spanish War Correspondent Offices: an Actual Reflection of International Journalism Summary The technological evolution along with the appearance of Internet and social networking sites, the recession and other factors has brought about a change, particularly in coverage of war but also in the coverage of international news in general. In order to try to grasp this problematic journalistic transformation, caused by the appearance of Internet, we have carried out ground research consisting of 15 exhaustive interviews with Spanish war correspondents. Our qualitative research method and ensuing detailed analysis of the interviews was combined with a confluent look at the media and its relationship with it´s audiences, as well as at the information economy in general. Our research clearly shows that a war correspondent´s work is losing value for the media since they are turning to either freelance journalists or news agencies for this type of information. Keywords International Information; War Correspondent; Freelance; Internet; Social Network.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n21a1


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