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Issue number: 19, July-December 2014


Elena Borau Boira Universidad Camilo José Cela
Title Analysis of protocol´s discourse through Spanish press Summary The protocol, from its beginning, has been adapting to big transformation that it´s been experience our society and it became to more usefulness. Even though, The Mass Media don´t reflect this reality and keep reflecting the protocol as something clings in the past, almost like something “old”. In this article, I try to show up the negative reality that it lives in The Spanish Press, to express the harmful influence that has for the protocol´s image in our society. This tool performs a great work in so many fields, but we can´t forget the Mass Media´s influence. Therefore, this rigorous discursive analysis will show up the negatives connotations of discourse of protocol in Spanish press, with its unfavorable final results. That is way, in this work I defend the importance the pairing of protocol and Mass Media, indispensable to a correct management of communication. Keywords Protocol, mass media, press, discurse analysis, media representation


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n19a6


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