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Laura Cortés Selva Universidad Católica San Antonio
Title Cinematographers´ intention in cinema light historical evolution. From The kiss in the tunnel to Avatar Summary ight is determinant for the existence of cinema and its communication ability reveals cinematographers´ expression. Although there are several authors dealing with light historical evolution, there has been little reflection upon cinematographers’ intentions reflected on cinema pictures. Therefore, one of the goals of this research is focused on offering an historical overview of light evolution through the most representative films of each decade, where cinematographers´ intentionality is analyzed. Related to their philosophy, a classification of lighting styles is conducted, as well as analyzed the possible consequences originated from the election of one style or another and the differences between European and North American style. A qualitative methodology has been employed in this study. Based on an in depth review of the main bibliographical sources about cinematography, as well as on an exhaustive analysis of the most relevant feature films –from a photographic point of view– of the cinema history. Keywords Visual Communication, Light, Ideology, Cinema Technology, Cinematography


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n19a5


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