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Issue number: 19, July-December 2014


José María Legorburu Hortelano Universidad CEU San Pablo María Sánchez Martínez Universidad CEU San Pablo
Title Media groups in Spain in the challenge of media convergence (2012-2013) Summary The following research has the aim to confirm whether the conditions for media convergence in Spain had been successfully completed in addition to describing and assessing the degree of development of the different strategies applied by the multimedia groups. Thus, the research was based on a qualitative methodology developing in-depth interviews with a questionnaire with several managers of the sample groups. The findings suggest that although convergence is a reality, its development is still in its early stages. Whilst corporations are aware of its importance, they do not take it into consideration as an effective tool to renew and adapt their business models to the new circumstances imposed by the Web and the emerging technologies. Keywords Media Convergence, Media Groups; Spain, Emerging Technologies, Business Models


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n19a3


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