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Flora Marín Murillo Universidad del País Vasco José Ignacio Armentia Vizuete Universidad del País Vasco María Ganzabal Learreta Universidad del País Vasco
Title Advertising in the Male and Female Magazines: A Reflection of Gender Stereotypes Summary Despite the efforts made by different institutions to improve equality policies, advertising published in magazines for men and women continues to show the traditional gender stereotypes. Thus, the most advertised products in these magazines differ significantly (cosmetics, in women’s magazine and watches in the men’s ones). The strategies used for the presentation of those products are also different in both types of magazine. This article is based on a research about male and female magazines in Spain, financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation(reference: CSO2008-02971-E/SOCI). Keywords Women's Magazines, Men's Magazines, Advertising, Gender.


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n10a2


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