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DOI: 10.31921/doxacom
Issue number: 16, January-June 2013


Marta Martín Llaguno Universidad de Alicante Alejandra Hernández Ruiz Universidad de Alicante Marina Beléndez Vázquez Universidad Alicante
Title News coverage of work and family balance in the Spanish context Summary This study explores the journalistic treatment of the work and family conflict/balance in Spain from 1996 to the end of 2007 (VI, VII and almost the entire parliamentary VIII) from a content analysis of 312 articles published by El Pais, ABC and El Mundo. The paper describes a dual newsworthiness cycle, driven mainly by the Reconciliation and the Equality Act. The Working Women's Day and El País are essential in setting the agenda. The issue is framed in media as a workplace issue related to public space and women. Keywords Conciliation; work-family conflict; press; content analysis; gender equality; women


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n16a5


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