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DOI: 10.31921/doxacom
Issue number: 16, January-June 2013


Daniel Barredo Ibáñez Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia)
Title The treatment of the Spanish monarchy in Internet. Informative genres and comments of the users in ABC.es and ELPAÍS.com (2009 – 2011) Summary According to Masip, Ruiz and Micó (2012), users' comments are one of the principal forms of interaction in digital media. On one hand, by assesing the comments, researchers can measure some variables which are hard to evaluate in the traditional press, for example the levels of expectation which are generated by some content. However, the comments also reveal the existence of a deeper interpretation of the Habermasian concept of public opinion. On the other hand, news genres tend to define the structural characteristics through the information that is organized. In this article, by using a content analysis of over four thousand news items published in ABC.es and ELPAÍS.com between 2009 and 2011 related to the monarchy, the study confirms the hypothesis according to which a communication strategy of the Crown using persuasion tends to generate less expectation in cyberspace than do other strategies linked to informative values. As a result the paper advises the Crown to communicate through the Internet in a responsible, serious and transparent way. Keywords comments; informative genres; ABC.es; ELPAÍS.com; Juan Carlos I


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