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Carlos Fanjul Peyró Universitat Jaume I Cristina González Oñate Universitat Jaume I
Title The role of nonverbal codes of reality on the creativity of advertising discourse Summary This article is a reflexion on the importance and richness that have nonverbal communication within the advertisement, both for the recreation of commercial history and for the preparation of messages that it connoted hide and the configuration of the meaning and sense of the advertising piece. Advertising creatives have the task of studying, combine and merge in their pieces these nonverbal elements, with the aim of providing differentiation, attractiveness and personality to the product/ brand announced. This work will determine the final creative outcome and it will influence on effectiveness, relevance, acceptance and impact of the advertisement, the product/brand and the values and ideals associated with it. Keywords Advertising, Creativity, Nonverbal Communication, Nonverbal codes of reality, Advertising language


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n14a4


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