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Issue number: 14, January-June 2012


Iván Lacasa Mas Universidad Internacional de Cataluña María Victoria Mas Universidad Internacional de Cataluña Mariano Fernández Díez Marketing manager de LaVanguardia.com
Title The incorporation of print media readers to digital media. Convergent use of the online platform Summary Thanks to a survey made to more than 3500 readers of La Vanguardia.com, this article holds up that what motivated most of them to adopt the reading of the digital edition was not so much the specific things of the on-line platform but the reliability they have settled on the journalistic brand. The analysis of patrons of use and the expectations of those readers takes us to see the digital support not as a place for immediate information but as a flexible vehicle to access to an information source of reference. The investigation of gratifications obtained by the readers when establishing a relationship with the journalistic brand takes us to move our point of view towards what remains still among media and their audiences, over the evolution of the platforms. Keywords On-line media, users, expectations, multiplatform, journalistic brand


doi: https://doi.org/10.31921/doxacom.n14a1


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