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Doxa Comunicación wants to be an effective and exclusive channel for theoretical, conceptual and cognitive exchanges between researchers in the Social Science and Communication fields. The journal has a strong international focus and aspires to be a proving ground for precision, independence, judgement and interdisciplinary dialogue. The journal is published in Spanish and English with two issues per year, January-June and July-December, and it appears in digital format, is open, universal and free of charge. It applies editorial criteria with the utmost rigour of scientific publications, and guarantees external review by specialists of each subject through the blind peer system. Doxa Comunicación is constantly endeavouring to increase the impact, visibility and dissemination of research and the authors who entrust their work to us.


#29, July-December 2019


Juan Luis Manfredi Sánchez, Luis Mauricio Calvo Rubio
Maria Manuela Magalhães Silva, Dora Resende Alves, María João Ferreira
Rosmery Hernández Pereira
María-José Higueras-Ruiz, Francisco-Javier Gómez-Pérez, Jordi Alberich-Pascual
Mayte Donstrup
Fernando Suárez-Carballo
Mario F. Benito Cabello, Mª José Sánchez Leyva
Miguel Ángel Nicolás Ojeda, Esther Martínez Pastor, Almudena García Manso



Minors in the digital environment. Uses, influences, and responsibilities

The digital environment is no longer something new and has become part of our daily lives. However, this is not something exclusive to adult life; minors, from the time they are children, are part of the digital ecosystem in which they learn initially by imitation, also by intuition, but ultimately from their own experience. Its include five scientific articles and it is coordinated by Professors María del Carmen García Galera (URJC) and Leopoldo Abad Alcalá (USP-CEU).
María del Carmen García Galera, Leopoldo Abad Alcalá
Carmelo Garitaonandia, Inaki Karrera, Nekane Larrañaga
Estibaliz Linares Bahillo, Raquel Royo Prieto, María Silvestre Cabrera
Carmen Llovet Rodríguez, Mónica Díaz-Bustamante Ventisca, Alfonso Méndiz Noguero
María José García-Orta, Victoria García-Prieto, Miriam Suárez Romero
Aurora Edo Ibáñez, Belén Zurbano Berenguer

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